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Welcome to “ Eden Biotech”… the Garden of Beauty & Wellness Products
Welcome to " Eden Biotech"…the Garden of Beauty & Wellness Products!! Eden Biotech takes pleasure in introducing to some of the most efficacious & experiential Marine Algae Products in the form of Masks , Body Wraps , Exotic Exfoliating Jelly's , Marine Sea Weed Scrubs etc. These products are available under the brand name "Ocean Spa"

Our Products have necessary FDA approvals. Products are safe and used by several Dermatologists / Skin Specialists / SPA. We are also in the process of introducing several such unique products in India for Beauty and Wellness applications which we communicate as and when we are ready.
Products on demand
Superhydrating (Aloe Vera)
Mild (Tea Tree Oil / Pink Clay)
Anti-Ageing (Algovert / Spirulina)
Expresso (Green Coffee Extract)
Vitamin Burst (Acerola)
(Lavander / Indian Chestnut / Rosemary)
Stimulating (Ginseng)

Whats New
Satin Leg (ARP100)
Anti - Ageing (Algovert / Spirulina)
Cooling (Menthol)
Bust Firming
(Ginkgo Biloba / Spirulina / Menthol / Algovert)